Horse First Aid.

Horse First Aid Course 


Save Stress, Time and Money by knowing what to do when your horse gets sick or injures himself.

Know exactly when to call the vet AND what to do till they get there to keep you and your horse safe.

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Online Horse First Aid Course with Amanda Edwards

We all know that sinking feeling when you walk down to check on your horse and you notice something is wrong. What you do next can be the difference between a horse that recovers or one that doesn't.

My online Horse First Aid Course gives you the tools, information and confidence to know what to do then and what to do next.

Horse First Aid for any device

 what we offer 

Course Benefits


Learn how to quickly assess your horse so you know if you need to call the vet


Learn what's normal and what's not


Learn practical tips to make caring for your horse easier and cheaper


Test your knowledge by using quizzes at each stage

Here’s what people are saying about the course

You will be amazed by her tips

I have completed a few courses with this fantastic lady! You will be amazed with her tips and alternative ways for helping our beautiful 4 legged friends especially if you don't have an apprentice to help you bandage!

wound care for horses, equine wound care, injured horse care, sick horse care
lisa c
Course participant and horse lover

... the program has given me confidence to identify emergency conditions...

Thank you for organising an online Horse First Aid program. I really wanted to do it because there have been many times I was not sure if I needed a vet, and other times when a vet has not been available or they were a few hours away. The program has given me confidence to identify emergency situations by being able to check vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, gut sounds, hydration etc), and has also given me the skills to know what to do before a vet arrives, such as bandaging a wound, and what to do for a suspected case of colic.

wound care for horses, equine wound care, injured horse care, sick horse care
Course participant and horse lover

Course content

What’s in the course

Module 1

1 Lesson


A welcome to the course and an explanation of how to get around in the course.

A download link for your free E Copy of First Response by Amanda Edwards and an Observation chart to download and use through the course.

Module 2

2 Lessons

Handling your horse with safety

I'll show you how to safely handle your horse, especially when he needs care. Plus a bonus video from an experienced handler and trainer who gives some great tips to help keep both you and your horse safe especially when he is sick or injured.

Module 3

9 lessons

Know your horse's vital signs

In this module, we take you through how to measure your horse’s vital signs and establish baseline health measurements. Everything from taking a temperature through to assessing manure.

Module 4

2 Lessons

When to call the vet

A sick or injured horse can be quite a scary thing.

Learn when to call the vet and what to do whilst you are waiting.

Module 5

2 Lessons

Be Prepared

Like a good scout you should always be prepared.

In this module I take you through how to build your First Aid Kit.

What should be in the kit, and some tips for keeping it full and handy.

Module 6

11 Lessons

Emergency conditions

I cover off the most common emergency conditions. How to manage them and also how to prevent some. We cover

  • Colic
  • Laminitis
  • Lameness
  • Eye Injuries
  • Hoof Injuries
  • Assessing Pain
  • Shock &
  • Killer conditions

Module 7

7 Lessons

Administering Medications

At some point in your horses life they will need medications here I teach you how to manage medications and your horse Including

  • How to safely store  medications
  • How to give a horse an injection
  • How to give eye drops and ointments
  • How to give your horse pastes and powders

Module 8

3 Lesson

What Next

If you make it this far not only will you know what to do but you can also do our quiz to see how much you have learned and download a certificate of completion

Horse First Aid Bonuses


  • A copy of my First Response book
  • 18 months access to the course and the
  • Live online masterclasses
  • Discounts on Horse First Aid Products 
  • Discounts on Horse First Aid Kits


Amanda Edwards  Founder - Teacher & Horse Lover

Horse First Aid Online is the brainchild of Amanda Edwards. As the founder of the Equine Care Clinic and Equine E-Care Amanda has been supporting horse owners for 20 years to build their skills, knowledge and confidence to know what to do when things go wrong.

Amanda is a regular presenter at Equitana and a lecturer at the Equine College of Podiotherapy on Horse First Aid.

A Registered Emergency Nurse with many years experience Amanda is  horse wound care specialist. She has also studied:

  • Equine First Aid at the University of Guelph
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Medical Laser Therapy
  • Equine Anatomy and Physiology &
  • Equiculture


Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

...Amanda's simple and common sense way was so informative, interesting and Amanda's lay person way of delivering the information made it so easy to understand and put into practice...

Kerry Narvo // Workshop Attendee NSW

Amanda, thanks again for Saturday, I loved loved it. I now feels much more confident with First Aide now.

Cathy // Workshop Attendee

I enjoyed it all but really enjoyed the hands on work you use the simplest ways and it works amazing.

Georgia // Workshop Attendee

Horse First Aid Online

Ever bought a product or course online and then had regret?

Maybe you’re worried it won’t be worth it?

I get it, I think that when I buy online too. I also hate those promises of “$20,000 value for $97”


We did some research amongst our clients and this is what we found

  • The cost of a single Vet call is around $500.
  • The average wound costs $500-$3000 in products and veterinary care.
  • The average colic episode cost $800-$1500
  • The average laminitis bout cost $5000
  • The average eye injury cost $1500

Every single person who has done our workshops and courses has said they wished they knew what we taught them earlier, that it would have saved them thousands of dollars when their horse got sick or injured.

I am you. I want value for money too. Spend your money wisely and join us at Horse First Aid where value is as important to us as it is to you.


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Our Pricing Plan includes

  • 18/12 Access to the Online Course, 8 Modules - 37 Lessons & Downloads 
  • Free access to all Masterclasses for 18 months
  • An E copy of my First Response Book
  • Discounts on Horse First Aid Kits
  • Discounts on Horse First Aid products

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You'll have access to the course for 18 months. After that period of time if you still want access just get in touch as we do have an ongoing membership fee. 

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Yes you can. If you try our course for 7 days and don't learn anything useful we'll give you a full refund. After that you need to contact us as we usually don't refund after that time.

Why should I buy this course?

Equine E Care courses have been specifically designed for horse owners. They are evidence based, easy to understand and have skills you can apply immediately

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