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How to Get Your Horse Back on Track Without spending thousands of dollars even If You are a Seasoned Professional

Watch the video and learn how you can become more confident by learning what to do when your horse is sick or injured.


Understand what you Need to Use and why
Knowing what to use is the first dilemma when your horse injures himself. We will explain what you need, how to use it correctly and where you might get it from including some simple inexpensive alternatives you probably never thought about.


How to prepare for and give Medications to your horse .
Learn the basic rules about giving medications to your horse. How to prepare and practice, where to give injections and eye medications, and most importantly how to prepare your horse.


Learn how bandage tricky areas
Horses injure themselves in the most tricky places. Learn how care for a wound and how to correctly adapt your bandaging and wound care techniques for even the hardest to get at areas.


The only evidence based online program available
Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse is the only online course based on scientific evidence as practised within the Equine Recovery Care Clinic. It will help you quickly and simply care for your horse reducing your reliance on veterinarian care, reducing recovery time and costs.

In this Course You will Get

12 lesson videos that take you step by step through every process. What's more you can use them again and again.

You will also get access to tip sheets and our free E Book and Blog so you can keep up to date

Discounts on our next courses as soon as they become available. Oh and you'll get to know about them first!


Module 1 bandaging Your Horse

5 Video Lessons that will will help you quickly and confidently manage your horses wounds.

Bandaging Essentials

Duration: 7m 

Learn the basic things you might need to use, and exactly how to use them.

Expertly Care for a hoof Injury

Duration: 6m 30sec

Learn how to expertly apply a dressing and bandage to a hoof correctly.

Learn Simple Wound Management & Bandaging

Duration: 15m

These simple techniques will stop any wound from becoming worse and requiring more expensive treatment.

Learn Simple Wound Management & Bandaging

Duration: 4m 30sec

In this lesson you'll learn the best way to bandage a hock so you don't make things worse.

Bandaging Tricky Areas

Duration: 3m 30sec

Learn how to bandage those tricky areas on your horse with a minimum of fuss saving you time and money.

Module 2 Managing Medications

7 Video Lessons to teach you the techniques for storing and administering every type of medication you might encounter if your horse is sick or injured.

Intramuscular Injections

3 Lesson

Duration: 26 mins

Learn how to prepare and store drugs properly. administer an injection, and prepare your horse so neither of you end up stressed or injured.

Oral Medications

1 Lessons

Duration: 4m 

A demonstration of some simple tips to make administering pastes and other oral medications free from stress.

managing Eye medications

3 Lessons

Duration: 14m 30sec

Learn how to care for an injured eye so your horse gets the most benefit out of his treatments, and doesn't end up losing it.

About Amanda

Amanda Edwards is an emergency nurse by trade with over 25 years experience in some of the busiest departments in Australia.  She's had horses all her life and has been caring for sick and injured horses  through her Equine Care Clinic for the past 7 years.

The Equine Care Clinic focuses on recovery care - getting  horses well again following an acute injury or illness.  The Clinic has seen many different cases from laminitis through to major wounds and injuries as well as post operative care.

Amanda went on to establish hands-on workshops to teach horse owners how to care for their own sick or injured horses, and wrote the popular book First Response - A Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse.  

Realising that not everyone can get to a workshop this series gives everyone access to practical, relevant, up to date and easy to apply information that will help horse owners properly care for their horse.`

What People Are Saying about Amanda's work...

"Thank you Amanda for giving me the tools I need for Horse First Aid."

​"Amanda's simple and common sense way was so informative, interesting and Amanda's lay persons way of delivering the information made ist so easy to understand and put into practice....I am so much more confident now. I feel if needed to I could assess, clean and bandage a wound, know when to call a vet and now I am better prepared to do the one thing Amanda told us all Try not to panic!”

Kerry Navaro (New South Wales)

"Could save a horses life.....

“Could save a horse’s life, makes wound care easy to do and less phobia about injections” 

Trish, Victoria

"everything discussed was relevant,...

“ it was invaluable."

Lynne  (Victoria)

Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this for

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    Horse owners both beginners and experienced who want evidence based, practical answers to caring for their sick or injured horse
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    People who want to see results quickly
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    Agistment and other horse care facility managers and operators
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    Owners who will be providing recovery care for their horse post injury or illness

Who is this not for

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    People who don't want to provide recovery care when their horse gets sick or injured
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    People looking for initial Veterinary care information. 
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    This course is all about after care and ongoing management and does not replace the need to seek Veterinary advice
Get the confidence you need to care for your sick or injured horse in less than a day.

Try this online course risk free for 14 days and if you do not find anything that is useful in the care of your horse just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Amanda Edwards

Bonus Section

A few little extras to help you along with the care of your horse!

Free Tip Sheets & guides

Every lesson comes with its own tip sheet and guide to help you understand, and quickly implement what you've learned. So your horse recovers quicker and you spend less money and heartache getting back on track.

20% off if you buy both Modules

You can buy each module of Caring for Your Horse separately but you get a 20% discount if you buy both as a complete package. 

Discounts on future courses and Memberships

Equine E Care has a number of courses and membership options due to be released int he next 6 months. Buying now means you get in early and will have access to future discounts of up to 50%.

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Bandaging Module $49.95 (Aud)

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    5 Lessons
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    Exclusive Bonus content
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    Lifetime access with on-demand download
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    100% satisfaction guarantee


Buy The Whole Course  for Just $79.50 (Aud) 

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    12 Lessons
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    Exclusive Bonus content
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    Lifetime access with on demand download
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    100% satisfaction guarantee               

Medication Module $49.95 (Aud)

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    7 Lessons
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    Exclusive Bonus content
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    Lifetime access with on-demand download
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    100% satisfaction guarantee


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