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Drugs, Medications and Your Horse

Become more confident when giving drugs to your horse

What You'll learn in this course

Intramuscular Injections

Oral Drug, Pastes and Medications

Manage Eye Drops and Ointments

Learn how to prepare and store drugs properly. 

We explain 

  • How to prepare your horse
  • How to prepare yourself
  • How to administer an injection

A demonstration of some simple tricks and tips


  • How to give your horse pastes in a way he will love
  • How to give drugs so you are both stress free after wards

Learn how to care for an injured eye so that

  • Your horse gets the most benefit from his treatment
  • Your horse doesn't end up losing his eye

Our information is

  • Evidence based 
  • Online and available 24/7
  • Designed to increase your confidence and reduce recovery time and costs when caring for your horse

We believe every horse owner should have the confidence to care for their horse with the right products in the right way.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards, Co Founder and Director of Equine E Care

Every horse gets sick or injured at some point of their lives. they will also need some regular drugs and pastes to keep them healthy as well.

We show you how to manage these easily and confidently so you can take better care of your horse.

I know that there is a load of information out there on how to store, prepare and give your horse drugs. What I also know is that a lot of the practices I see are not grounded in evidence. This can be very confusing for a horse owner who can often be confronted with a sick or injured horse to know what to do and who to believe.

Equine E Care is specially designed to help horse owners have access to the latest up to date information for managing sick or injured horses  so they can take better care of their horses.

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