Know Your Horse

Learn How To Recognise When Things Are Not Right

Understand & Learn How to Measure Your Horses Vital Signs

Understand When To Call the Vet

What You'll learn in this course

How to Assess Your Horse Quickly

How to ​Measure Your Horses Vital Signs

 Know When You Should Call the Vet

We show you how to do a quick assessment of your horse so you can identify when and where things are not right.

We teach you how to 

  • measure your horses heart rate and know what is normal for your horse.
  • Listen to your horses gut sounds and understand what it means.

Learn the signs everything from assessing manure through to skin pinch tests to measure your horses hydration.

How to take your horses temperature without losing the thermometer

We believe every horse owner should have the confidence to care for their horse with the right products in the right way.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards, Co Founder and Director of Equine E Care

Every horse gets injured at some point of their lives. One of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that they can get injured in the most difficult to manage places.

In addition I know that there is so much information out there on how to manage a horses wounds that it can  be very confusing.  I also know that a lot of the practices I see are not grounded in evidence. This can be very confusing for a horse owner who can often be confronted with a sick or injured horse. You don't know what to do and who to believe.

Equine E Care is specially designed with you the horse owner in mind. We give you the latest and most up to date advice for managing sick or injured horses so you can take better care of your horses.

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