Keep Your Horse Healthy - save stress, time and money
The  Healthy Horse programme will show you how to. 

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Be more confident and worry less about your horse:

  • Quickly assess your horse  so you know if you need to call the vet.
  • Understand how to assess wounds properly so your horse gets better faster
  • Understand when your horse is in pain and know when you should worry about it.

Learn how to be more confident around your horse with the Healthy Horse Course & Membership

If You

  • Worry about whether or not your horse is well? 
  • Can't tell whether he is in pain or just behaving badly?
  • Don't  know how to quickly assess your horse?
  • Struggle to manage your horses wounds confidently?
  • Have a first Aid Kit but don't know what should really be in there?

Then this course and membership support group is for you.

I know how frustrating it can be when you think there is something wrong with your horse. Trying to sift through the millions of pieces of advice can be challenging.

You can end up getting frustrated and just plain stressed out, never mind your poor horse.

Not only that but you can end up wasting time and money whilst finding the right thing to do.

“I believe every horse owner should have the confidence to understand and care for their horse that's why I developed the Healthy Horse Course and membership” Amanda Edwards

My Healthy Horse programme will

Boost Your confidence

Get support and guidance to help you learn and understand your horse and his needs better. 

Teach you the latest techniques

Learn what works and what doesn't work in caring for your horse. The Healthy Horse  programme is based on the very latest research.

Give you support

You'll be a part of a private facebook group where you can ask me questions and share your horse stories with others just like you.

Despite their size horses are not nearly as tough as they look

"A horse's pain and distress is not always obvious"

Calling the Vet in unnecessarily costs dollars that we could spend elsewhere, but not calling them when needed can result in serious and unhappy outcomes.  

Knowing when to call the Vet and what to do while you wait can literally be the difference between life and death.

"Knowing when to call the vet and what to do while you wait can be the difference between life and death for your horse..."

- Emma (Horse Owner)

What the Healthy Horse Programme Does for You:

Immediate access to a Private Facebook  Group 

"Become part of the healthy horse community ."

Build connections with other horse owners just like you. Along with Live Q&A calls weekly with me you'll have somewhere to discuss your issues and problems and solutions in an environment of support and safety.

healthy horse, healthy horses, horse, horses healthy horse course
healthy horse, healthy horse, horse, horses

The Healthy Horse programme begins with  

4 modules split into simple easy to understand lessons

We know how hard it is to fit in everything that is why we designed this to be easy for you to use.

  • The 4 modules will help you be more confident
    • Assessing Your Horse Quickly
    • Managing Common Wounds
    • First Aid Kits
    • Assessing Pain in Your Horse
  • Designed to answer all of your niggling questions 
  • Then ongoing support, education, live Q&A and much more

Downloads of check lists and communication tools that you can use instantly, 

We know how often you join something only to find that you don't actually have anything you can use.

Well you'll get a range of tools that will instantly help you in your stable and help keep your horse well and you stress free.

We'll also give you a whole range of handy books and tips to keep you up to date.

"Amanda's simple and common sense way was so informative..."

" interesting and Amanda's lay person way of delivering the information made it so easy to understand and put into practice. Taking a horse’s temperature and heart rate is what I should have known but something I never did. Now I can do these observations, write them down and have them recorded for the veterinarian."

- Lynne Blackwell (NSW)

"Thank God I found you..."

- Emma (Horse Owner)

"You explain things in the easiest way..."

- Danielle (Newcastle, Horse Owner)

Who Is Amanda Edwards?

sick horses,injured horses, horses wounds

Amanda has both the qualifications and experience to reassure you.  Amanda has been providing information on horse health care for the past 9 years.

  • Author of the book "First Response – A Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse"
  • Host of the HorseSense Podcast Show 
  • Facilitator and educator of the First Response Workshops  
  • Horse First Aid Lecturer at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy  Educator at Equitana Australia and New Zealand  

People love her down to earth, practical education and her ability to turn boring topics into something dynamic and fun.  

She also practices what she preaches at the Equine Care Clinic, a horse step down hospital designed specifically to help horses recover.

What You'll Get...

An amazing range of videos with practical demonstrations, pdf's, check sheets, live Q&A with Amanda Edwards and much more.

Healthy horse, healthy horses, horses, horse care, equine care

"The Healthy Horse Programme will help you know when your horse is well or not."

Buy this now and not only will you get an amazing course at an amazing price you will also be amongst other horse owners who are passionate about having healthy horses too.

Don't wait, join us now and be part of an amazing horse group

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout  

"It's really valuable to have that mental preparation"

" and know what to do while you wait for the Vet"

- Kerry Narvo (NSW)

"These are things I had never considered before ..."

"- now I feel confident to know what to do"

- Bob Cantwell (NSW)

Can you afford not to know whether your horse is well or not: This course will save you money or maybe even your horse's life.

You know that feeling when you come  into the yard and your horse is not looking like he normally does wouldn't it be good if you could immediately check the right things and know whether or not to call the vet

If you're still wondering if it is worth the money think about  the next time your horse gets sick 
 and you don't quite know what to do.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Live Q&A sessions with Amanda
  • Access to the Healthy Horse Members Group
  • 4 Beginning Modules with lessons designed to show you how.
  • Videos, check sheets and guides you can use in your stable now
  • New topics monthly and interviews with a range of experts 

All these now for just:

$199.99 or

$19.99 a month

It's worth so much more just for your peace of mind.

Get Instant Access to Healthy Horse Programme!

Never again worry about whether you will miss some simple sign your horse isn't well.

If You Are not Happy With the Course No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy with the course. 

"If you don't learn at least one thing that helps you care for your horse better then you'll get your money back no questions asked."



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