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Healthy Horse Course VIP Waitlist

For people who love their horses and want to take better care of them.

We'll be running our course again in April 2020

You just missed it never mind! 

Our next Healthy Horse Course for horse owners will be open for sale in April 2020.

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Our Healthy Horse course will be $24.95


I am new to the world of horses and have enjoyed the course a great deal. With so many people around with different advise, it was helpful to learn what comes from the current literature.

The best thing was seeing what I'm doing right and what to change.


Loved it!

I enjoyed Amanda’s videos best, she has this way of showing what she’s explaining in a way that everyone could understand.

The best thing was relearning wound management and bandaging and realising I need to practise more..

What Do You Get in the Healthy Horse Course?

  • Immediate Access to a Private Healthy Horse Members Group so you can belong to a group of people just like you who love horses and want to know and care for them better
  • Weekly Q&A with Amanda where you can ask anything related to horses and horse care. Yes even your own issues.
  • Discounts on products, courses or workshops we hold to learn even more. 
  • Interviews and discussions with experts in caring for horses to keep up to date

Be more confident keep your horse healthy.
For  just $24.95.

Hi, I'm Amanda Edwards and I just love horses, more importantly I love helping take care of them. After a long career in hospitals learning how to care for humans when they are sick and injured I started to use what I knew when caring for my horses. This of course turned into other people asking me how to do it and before long Equine E Care was born.

You can now join our healthy horse course where you will get up to the date information about the latest in caring for you horse.

 Join our list and you will be the first to know when we open our doors.

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