Equine Care

Become an Equine Recovery Care Practitioner

Build a life you love working with horses

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving your current role and building yourself a successful practice looking after sick or injured horses you’re going to love this video series.

Click the on the video to find out how you can get started  on your new life right away and download your assessment tools below. (Check Your Email in a few minutes and it should be there)

The Fastest Way for You to establish a new, or add to  your current, Equine Business!

Maybe you are just thinking about getting started in the Equine industry.  Or maybe you’re already an equine health practitioner but you want to expand your business opportunities. Either way you’re in the right place because after video 1 you’ll be clear about where you’re headed and you can just get started on your journey.

What You'll Discover in this Video Series:


A proven way to go about establishing your equine business

Learn about my success path which will help you quickly overcome the obstacles of building a successful practice so that you can experience the outcomes you are looking for.


Whether or not you're ready to take the next Step

My business readiness and equine practice assessment tools will easily show you where you are up to and just how we can help you move forward. 


The Four R's of Good Equine Care

Recognise, Respond, Review and Renew


The Equine Recovery Care Practice Framework

Which will take the stress out of building your new business, or reinvigorate your current one.

Ready to Get Started?

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This course is only open until the 16th February.

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